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Clifton Wealth Partnership is part of the Clifton Asset Management plc group and has been offering specialist financial services to business and individuals throughout the UK since 1986.

Our core aim is to enable clients to make informed choices about their finances but keep control of the process and ultimately the outcome.

The group has evolved to include:

With this infrastructure in place Clifton Wealth Partnership was launched

As clients you would benefit from a wide variety of competitively priced products and services thanks to our position in the financial market place, and following our own investment in technology, access to hi-tech solutions such as MyViewpoint.

The Management Team

Adam Tavener
Adam Tavener

Founder and chairman of Clifton Asset Management Plc, the innovators behind the pension-led funding brand (www.pensionledfunding.com ), providing high quality non-bank finance to SMEs across the UK.

Adam is a CBI regional council member, and has advised BAES, The Treasury and The British Business Bank on the shape and implementation of new bank referrals legislation and other aspects of SME finance.

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Neil Greenaway

More than 30 years' experience in providing financial advice and strategy to small and medium-sized business owners. Neil has been instrumental in the growth of Clifton Asset Management Plc, driving much of the technological development undertaken and developing the strategic plans for the future growth of the business.

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Neil Greenaway
Anthony Carty
Anthony Carty

30 years of experience in the financial services industry and a Board Director of Clifton Asset Management Plc.

Anthony has been a key contributor to the vision of Clifton Wealth Partnership and the services provided by the Clifton group. Anthony is a regular speaker at investment and financial services industry events and is highly regarded within the sector.

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Ellis Organ

After eight years in practice, Ellis moved into industry in 1993 as Finance Director of a group of training companies.

He joined the Clifton group in 1997 and is responsible for corporate governance and finance across the group. Ellis has a vast experience of operating businesses within a highly regulated environment.

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Ellis Organ
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